Monday, February 21, 2011

An Overly Ambitious To-Do List

Projects already underway:
  • Poet's Pullover [Ravelry link], body done, sleeves and finishing to go
  • Lily of the Valley shawl [Ravelry link], barely started (again) after having frogged the first start months ago
  • Continuing work on the Kimono embroidery series (#2 nearly done!)
Projects I have materials for:
  • A Mass Effect inspired N7 Logo tee for me (love the look of the hoodie, want a babydoll tee instead!)
  • My husband's belated Valentine's Day gift, also ME-inspired, details on that in the near future...
Projects I may be able to stash-dive for:
 Any bets on what I can get done in the next week?  I really ought to finish the sweater, but...needlebook!  New geeky clothing!  Jewelry with embroidery!

I just can't decide...

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