Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Over a Year Later...

...I can finally talk about this project again!

It was a Knitty sub, kindly rejected.  It was re-purposed into an Anticraft sub, which was accepted, but didn't fit the theme of the last two issues before the hiatus its on now, so I'd have had to sit on it for probably at least another year, and I just didn't want to do that!  (They were very sweet and understanding when I asked to pull my submission, and I will certainly say that I look forward to submitting again when they return.  Come back, Anticraft, come back!)

So here it is, at long, long last: Drusilla, available for sale.

Much credit and love to both my models: my friend and coworker Jessica for the Knitty version (top) and my friend and fellow blogger Kara for the Anticraft version (bottom).

Drusilla is a rectangular lace shawl based on a complicated edging pattern that I dearly loved, but found difficult to memorize and nearly impossible to work correctly.  I set out years ago to use it in a shawl, but it never quite worked, and this time when I turned to it again, I simplified the edging to make it far easier, but in a way that still maintains the spirit of the original.  And what better way to show off a lovely edging than to put it on both sides of a stole, and make the center a simple mesh?

Want one of your own?  Here, let me help with that.  If you end up making one, be sure to let me know, either here or over on Ravelry, I love to see what people do with my designs!