Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It Got How Big?

Very big.

Who'd have thought increasing two stitches on most rows and four on the rest would make a shawl so wide, so fast? 

I didn't break out the measuring tape, but even before I blocked it, its wingspan was greater than mine, and now that it's blocked...

Well.  I didn't expect that it would end up that big.  I especially didn't think I could knit something that big in less than a week!

For contrast, next to it is the first tiny swatch for my next project, a lovely pair of gloves.  That's fingering weight wool-cashmere on size 00 needles (or was it 000?  Damn.  I know what color they were, I can find out!)  The goal is 30 stitches to four inches--will I get it in one try?  Will I have to endure the pain of multiple swatches for a single project?  Stay tuned!

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