Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the Naming of a Blog

I've had blogs before. Oh, have I ever. But not once have I been satisfied with a name.

Other people have clever names for their blogs, especially the knitting blogs. Since my last blogging incident, just over two years ago, I haven't really been reading any...but I remember many names being clever. Or cutesy, at least. Full of personality, occasionally witty, sometimes downright brilliant.

So why can't I ever think of one?

In naming this new blog, I considered many monikers. Some were already taken--I mean, just how many unique knitting blog names are even left? I'm very in to knitting winter accessories at the moment, but calling myself or my blog ScarfLady or The Shawl Zoo or Three Mittens to the Wind...well, you might see why I'm dissatisfied. Some of the other ideas I had seemed more me, but either too obscure (insert World of Warcraft joke here and kiss my knitting audience goodbye) or too silly, occasionally even flat-out dumb. Those are the ones I'm most pointedly not going to share.

Out of frustration, and a desire to just get on with it, I went with a true statement about myself: I hate wearing socks. I do! I'd live in bare feet forever, if only I didn't have to contend with things like broken glass and tiny stones, Michigan winters, and the Health Department. And I do, so I do wear socks, to my great dismay.

Is it a great title? No. And no, that's not fishing for disagreement, honestly. Maybe someday I'll think of a better one. Maybe I won't. Until then, I shall be She Who Does Not Wish to Wear Socks, and I shall bear the title proudly.

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