Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Little Bit of Voyeurism

Ravelry is a dangerous place.

Last year, I wanted to knit Wisteria.  I did some preliminary research, pricing different yarns and such, hoping to dig myself out of my knitting funk.  I didn't end up buying either the pattern or any yarn for it, opting to start, then abandon, my Gwynedd instead.

Well, I have Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I want a new cabled sweater.  And I want to knit that new cabled sweater.  I have one favorite that fits perfectly and I adore it (I'll show it off sometime when I have nothing else to blog about!) but it's only the one, and I want another.

Re-enter Wisteria into my life.

As I pondered whether or not this was the sweater for me, I had a sudden brainwave--I'm sure it was a popular pattern, being absolutely gorgeous, so why shouldn't I head over to Ravelry and see what turned up?

Gazing at all the beautiful versions there only reinforced my desire.  And then...then I found my twin.

Well, her face was cut off, so really, I have no idea if we look anything alike.  But I took one look at the boob-waist-hip ratio and thought I was looking at myself.

And her Wisteria looked fabulous.  Jaw-droppingly so.

What's truly funny was when I showed that particular picture to my husband, who had been listening to me hem and haw all evening while I flipped through my book collection and pile of old magazines looking for that one perfect project.  I explained the significance of that particular version, and he immediately said "Show me more busty women."

A site filled with vast quantities of knitting knowledge and innumerable resources, and suddenly, it's sweater porn!

In other new project news, my dwindling supply of purple Baby Cashmere is not, in fact, suitable for the Kingdom gloves...I could not get the right gauge without producing a fabric that I felt too loose to make good gloves.  Instead, it might very well become Ailbe instead, as my first swatch did get gauge for that.  But with the Wisteria pattern on my hard drive and the yarn for it here by the end of the week, I don't see myself starting these any time soon...

Also, I'm already unhappy with Freeform Scarf Experiment.  It still looks okay, but I'm not pleased with how fussy I have to be to keep it laying flat and behaving itself.  I'm not going to frog it, but it is going off to join my other blob of freeform experimentation, the one that inspired me to try this again in the first place.  Maybe someday, they'll get married, and a new freeform project will be born!

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