Monday, February 15, 2010


Why is it that when I have a deadline approaching, and I should be at my most focused, that life gets in the way?

Today, I only spent twenty minutes on the project which should be consuming all of my knitting attention.  I spent a good chunk of the afternoon consumed by the need to crochet a certain little something inspired by a certain little something else I saw when browsing Ravelry.  It's an absolute cesspool of brilliance and creativity, and I seem to be in danger of drowning in it.  Woe is me.

Oh, and it's Valentine's Day.  I made a nice dinner and some incredibly sinful dark chocolate mousse, and I'm a little tipsy from half a bottle of pomegranate wine.  Romantic evenings at home are so nice....

No, that's not sarcasm.  We've had a great day.  But it did cut into my knitting time!

And tomorrow...well, I don't talk about work at all here, and there's a reason.  So all I will say is this: Full Operational Review.  Not looking forward to it.

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