Monday, February 8, 2010

The Math, It Haunts Me

I'm pleased so far with my mystery knitting project, but I'm worried about the time I have left.

The Knitty submission deadline is March 15.  I have overseas friends coming to stay with me for close to two weeks starting on March 9th.

I want this done and in the (e)mail by the end of February.  That may not be realistic, but it does give me a week of breathing room to do things like, oh, say, clean the apartment in preparation for having guests!

So I weighed my yarn earlier tonight.  I have knit 35g of 100g potential.  I may decide not to use all the yarn, but the original plan is to eat it all up.

This 35g has gotten me through 19 full pattern repeats.

35/19 = 100/x.  Yay! Algebra!

Solving for x, I come up with 54 (rounding down).  54-19 = 35 repeats to go.

Assuming I can manage 3 repeats a day, that sets me at twelve days of knitting to go, starting tomorrow.  Sounds perfect, right?  I'll finish the project on the 20th and have a week to write up the pattern and get photos done.

Well, I did some more math, which I won't belabor, but the number of stitches in a pattern repeat?  Oh, a measly 1556.

1556 x 3 = 4668 stitches a day.


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