Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pride Comes Before A Fall

What kind of knitter am I?  Apparently, an arrogant one.

Over three feet of lace is flowing easily from my needles with nary a mistake in sight.  Do I put a lifeline in anywhere?  No! I don't make mistakes!

Until I do.

It was a relatively minor gaffe, but I'm submitting this for publication! Mistakes cannot be tolerated!  So I carefully drop the stitches in the affected area and start reworking them correctly.

Except that I didn't rework them correctly.

When I got to that place on the next row, after I believed I had corrected the problem...I hadn't.  I managed to make it worse.

There are no lifelines anywhere on this piece.  I know I should rip back to the last row I'm sure I have right....but I can't stand, right now, the thought of tinking eight rows of lace, and if I take it off the needles to frog without a lifeline, I may never get it back on without creating even more problems.

When I came to this horrid realization, I started to hyperventilate.  It's been half an hour now, and I still feel a bit queasy.  The throbbing headache I already had definitely didn't help.

Today, I make this solemn vow:  I will use lifelines.  I am not above using lifelines.  I will embrace the lifeline.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! You're gonna have to wait until you're calm, and then tink slowly... how many stitches are on each row?

    Lifelines are well worth the effort of putting them in. I used them on Shipwreck and only had to *make use* of them once, but if I hadn't had a lifeline in for that mistake... I don't know that I would have been able to finish the shawl without ripping the whole thing out and possibly killing someone.

    Are there any purl rows, or garter stitch sections, or anything NOT lace below the mistake? Sometimes you can work a lifeline into a knitted work, but it's easier if it's a straight knit row.