Friday, February 12, 2010

A Show of Dominance

It's fixed.  I had to have a little pillow-punching time first, but I sat down with it again and fixed it, for real.  In the end I only lost about six rows of work.

Then I banished it to a corner for two days.  Yesterday I asserted myself to my knitting in general by frogging back Wisteria.  I love that sweater, and I don't want it to be one that I don't wear because it doesn't fit.  Fortunately, due to its construction, I lost all of the body but only about an inch of the yoke--the size I knit and the size I want only had one increase row difference before the end of the first chart, then a few more plain increase rows after it.  Today I've just divided the sleeves from the body again.

Tomorrow I pick up the secret project again, and this time, it's war.  I am going to get this done on time.  It's going to be beautiful.  Or else.

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  1. BEST of luck on your sweater! And, I know how it feels for something as simple as a scarf to turn you into a hateful monster. (What, a long rectangle of fabric!? Come on!!) Not only did I have a tough time getting started on my secret scarf, but my yarn... well... we almost didn't make up. My yarn, too, earned herself a few days in the LOWER corner of the knitting basket down beside the sofa. But we're on good terms now, and I'm almost finished. Here's to finishing, and finishing on time!