Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Plan

Spinning has defeated me for the moment, I admit.

Thrifting, however, is making a comeback.

My Vernal Equinox Shawl is being knit from yarn I recycled from one of my own sweaters, one that I loved dearly and wore often until I stained it too badly to be saved.  Poof!  Now it's yarn.

It occurred to me after getting all that yarn processed that there's a Goodwill about two hundred feet from my bank....

Wednesday when I took my check in, I came home with this:

Women's XL, 100% Merino.  The tag said $2.99, and I was perfectly happy with that, but then at the register it turned out that it was a green tag sale day, and I had not noticed the plastic bit of the tag was green, so it was really only 99 cents.  Score!

Last night, feeling the sting of spinning rejection, I decided my new ten minutes a day plan would be to turn this sweater into yarn.  (I did the purple sweater for the shawl in a long evening, and my arm was wearing out from turning the swift!)

Here's my progress so far.  Considerably more than ten minutes a day so far--it took me a little over half anhour last night to get all the seams apart and cut the neckline off of the front--sadly, the V-neck was cut, not knitted in.  But I'm saving those scraps as dye testing pieces, as this orange is really not my color.  I'm thinking deep chocolate brown....

And then I probably spent another hour unravelling as we were watching TV.  Today I did ten minutes before breakfast and then maybe another twenty watching more TV (I'm catching up on FlashForward!).  The plan is at least ten a day, not only ten a day!

One more thing--while I was checking content labels and inspecting seams, my husband went and found something else entirely.

Isn't he just adorable?

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