Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thrift Stores FTW

With a phone call and GoogleMaps, we found a local thrift store today that I didn't even know existed until last week--it's run on the upper floor of a local church, so it has odd hours and isn't near any other businesses, which makes the odds of running across it casually quite small.

I found four things there, and three at my trusty Goodwill I went to last week, and it's a good day!

Forgive the crappy picture, it's gloomy today.  The top sweater is really more of a camel color, 100% acrylic, will likely yield me more cobweb weight yarn.  Last week, I didn't know about "killing" acrylic yarn as a blocking process, so I thought I couldn't knit lace with it, and since then, the Ravelry forums have set me straight.  Soft acrylic in colors I like now comes home with me instead of being passed over!

The teal is 100% silk, and looks to be knit from a yarn composed of many plies without much twist holding them together--a common enough construction for cotton and cotton-blend sweaters, like the purple one I frogged for my VES.  I'm hoping once I have this one frogged I can separate the plies and get loads of silk lace weight in one of my favorite colors!  If I can, I have the perfect project for it already lined up, but I have some others to wade through first....

The gray is 100% cotton and destined to be dishcloths.  I have many, but some of them are looking pretty sad these days, and it might actually be nice to knit a matching set of cloths from the same yarn instead of "whatever color of Sugar 'n' Cream caught my eye last time they were on sale", which is the overriding color scheme I have now.

The blue striped fabric is two king-sized pillowcases that are going to be (hopefully) cloth napkins, and the shirt is polyester (reasonably soft, thank goodness) that I'm positively dying to make into a tote bag for myself.  A celestial print on green instead of blue or black?  Couldn't turn that one away, not only is it gorgeous, it's so rare!  Even better, it's a men's 2XL, so I have plenty of it to play with.

Not shown are the pair of khaki shorts I found for myself, seeing as how I only had one functioning pair of shorts to my name, I was happy to find them; and two more stuffed animals destined to be presents for my brother's growing brood of children.  They were too cute to pass up!

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