Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Am, In Fact, Feeling Stitchy

Over at feeling stitchy, one of my new favorite blogs, there's a stitchalong this month.  I only discovered it this past Sunday, so it's a good thing the design isn't too complicated!  But as soon as I saw it, I knew that I had a plain shirt that was just perfect for a little embellishment.

The design is a little crooked and my stitches a bit uneven, because I was so impatient to get right to work that I didn't bother to do anything like, oh, use stabilizer or even transfer the pattern to the fabric somehow: I sat at my computer screen with the image up and eyeballed the whole thing!  So I really don't mind that it's not perfect, it's plenty good enough for a wearable that I stitched up in an afternoon.

As for why it's on the back and not the front, since I wear my hair up 95% of the time or more, I actually like the surprise of having a plain-fronted shirt with something kick-ass on the back.  People really don't expect it, and I like getting the compliments!

Totally off-topic: check out the awesome turtle hair stick!  My husband found this for me when he went with some friends to Chicago for a few days last year...I didn't even expect a present, and poof!--amazing carved turtle hair stick. He's so sweet.

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