Friday, February 4, 2011

Druids in the House!

If you're not a WoW player, you won't get this, so just tell me it's pretty!

If you do play, here's the deal:  my best friend and I both raided as resto druids in Wrath, in the same guild, no less.  It was lots of fun!  And I wanted to commemorate the experience.  This was a Christmas present for her--late, of course, but we also gave her a bottle of fancy Belgian beer, and we couldn't send that to her, so we had to wait until she could come to visit!  Which she did last weekend, so now I don't have a surprise to ruin anymore!

As for the technical specs, it's stitched on 14-ct Aida; I got the free alphabet patterns here  (I think, anyway, I went on a free pattern spree right before I designed this, so that might be wrong); used the wonderful (and free!) KG Stitch to chart it; bordered with scrap fabric that I'm sure looks familiar; laced (using this Craftster tutorial) over foam board.  The little leaf bits are my own design.

Finding that tutorial randomly was actually what made me want to stitch again after a long, long fallow period; my mother is a devoted cross stitcher, but she was always bemoaning the cost of framing a finished piece.  The few pieces I did finish and frame in my younger days, I took care to keep small and choose a standard frame size so I could buy the cheapie ones and not have to take something in for custom framing.  Lacing solves that for me!

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  1. Wow, I can't wait to see what else you are going to do with that great thrift store shirt. This is a wonderful gift and I love it !