Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fashion Show, Day 3: Summer Stripey Goodness

Lately I've been drawn to bright colors and stripes.  It's like an illness.  I've picked up three button-downs over my last few thrift-store trips that I couldn't possibly wear, but I knew I had to have the fabric for something.  I have vague dreams of making one a purse, but I haven't quite gotten it to yet.

On my most recent trip, I was trying to find tank tops, as most of the ones I own either died last summer (RIP my favorite six tanks, all the same style in different colors, picked up for $1.50 each on a clearance rack!) or are slowly dying this summer.  On a previous visit, my Goodwill had all the tank tops in their own section, which was handy--but they're in the middle of expanding, they've taken over the shop next door, and someone decided to mix the tanks in with all the other ladies' tops, which are sorted first by size then by color.  Passing through my size yielded me very little, so I started moving up, knowing I could trim down too-large pieces.

I hit paydirt on the XL rack.

Blue! Teal!  Lime Green!  I fell in love.  I wanted it wearable now...I begrudged the time it took to wash it, and I certainly wasn't too thrilled by my long shift at work the next day!

But that night, in just a little over an hour, I turned it into this beauty, which had its public debut the next day at my local grocery.

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