Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fashion Show, Day 2: I Am Still a Geek

So last year, I got a tattoo.  Someone eventually noticed it was the Dragon Age: Origins loading screen image...which is an odd thing to get as a tattoo, I admit.  My reasoning was that it was a brilliant bit of stealth geekery--anyone who played the game might recognize me as a fellow geek, but to anyone who hadn't, it was just a cool, swirly, vaguely-Celtic-knot thing.  When I'm old and gray I might laugh about the story behind it, but it will still be pretty!

Well, I liked the art from Dragon Age II, too, but I feel no urge to get inked again, so I made clothing from a loading screen image instead, laboriously cut from freezer paper and stenciled on a reconned shirt.

I didn't intend to add the red panels to the sides, but I flubbed a cut and ended up with too-small front and back pieces.  Scrap fabric to the rescue!

It took a base coat of solid white and five coats of red to get that color--I wanted it to really pop against the black.  I didn't have any textile medium at the time (a situation now remedied), so I used the acrylic paint straight, which I've done before on jeans without a problem.  However, on the softer, more flexible jersey knit, the thickness I'd built up apparently couldn't survive a wash and dry without cracking.  Happily, I like the effect, and decided to distress it some more with a little tugging and stretching.

I really like working with freezer-paper stencils.  I need to do it more!

ETA:  I cleaned up the tags on all my posts, streamlining them by craft, for the most part.  If you follow me and your list shows edits, that's why you got spammed, and I apologize.  But it really needed to be done.

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