Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Fashion Show, Day 4: I've Never Been to Japan...

...and yet somehow, I have a shirt from a study-abroad program there!  I'd say it's a funny story, but it's not; my MIL ran a similar program to Scotland and picked this up at one of the college fairs to give to my husband, and it eventually came to me.

Hey, look, I remembered to flip the image so the text is correct!  Aren't you proud?

I'm very pleased with how the neckline turned out--the original neck was so tight I had to take my glasses off to get the shirt over my head!  Usually I strive to make my collars lie flat, but I really wanted to use that particular pale blue fabric, and it's just not stretchy enough.  I do like the slight stand-up effect, and next time I use a very firm fabric for a neck binding, I think I might make it even wider...

I wrote an in-depth tutorial of the creation process for Craftster;  I started posting there last summer, but I was lurking for maybe another year before that, and I've been so inspired by everything there.  I've used quite a few tutorials and free patterns that others have posted, but until now I hadn't bothered to write any of my own, and I was starting to feel a little guilty for not contributing.  Now I have two up (the other one is for jewelry, and I will post it here after the Fashion Show concludes) and I've gotten very positive feedback on both, so I'm pondering what to write up next!

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