Friday, January 29, 2010


There's plenty of knitting going on around here; but with Wisteria on hold and the other two projects being secret design projects...well, I don't have a lot to show for it!

What I do have, however, is physical evidence of the Christmas monies I received.  Behold, the newest purchases!


I am hard-pressed to resist pretty laceweights, so it's very dangerous to go to Etsy, but here I found a sale on some 20/2 rayon that was too good to pass up!  Those beautiful little cakes are 50g and 500yds each!  The top is the Gecko colorway, and the bottom, Silver Lining, which I could not get to photograph's a mix of lavender, dove gray, and pewter.  With this in my hands, I'm reconsidering my earlier plan to knit my next shawl with the KP Alpaca Cloud that's been sitting around for a few years now...

For scale, here they are compared to a 50g/600yd ball of alpaca/wool laceweight, and of course the obligatory penny shot.


If that were all, I'd still have a decent yarn post on my hands, but wait! There's more!

It's dangerous to get catalogs, too.  Because I've purchased from Herrschner's in the past, I'm on their mailing list, and I ended up with a Yarn Collection catalog a few weeks ago.  Their stash-building sales are just nuts!


Those are both "bags of 10" that I got on sale for $14.90 each.  (Sadly, they sold so well that when I checked this morning the Washable Wool is only available at a slightly higher by-the-ball sale price, and the Bamboo Wool has vanished from the site altogether.)  With shipping, it worked out to $20 for (easily) a sweater's worth of yarn.  I have tentative plans for the charcoal to become a February Fitted Pullover, as mentioned before, and the green, well, I'm not sure yet, but that's what stash is for, right?

I wish you could feel how soft these both are.  And I wish I had had more yarn budget to buy more than just the two bags while I could!

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