Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Seeing Stars!

No, not really.  My eye is still healing, but it was never that bad!

The stars I'm seeing are in the wrap I finished.

Pattern: My own design, no name yet
Yarn: Various wool and wool blends from my stash, mostly worsted with some lighter yarns held double
Yardage: ~375

Hook: G
Final Measurements: 13" x 58"

Would I make this again? Well, yes and no.  I'm very happy with the crochet motif I designed for it and the whole join-as-you-go method.  What I'm not happy about is the lack of structural integrity...because it's an extremely open design in worsted weight, it's quite stretchy and prone to distortion.  To be really successful, the whole design needs to be worked at a smaller scale.  Whether or not I decide to try it...well, we'll see.  I have a few large (2000yd+) skeins of hand-dyed 10/2 cotton that might work for such a thing, and it would make excellent summer crafting, so it may happen.

1 comment:

  1. Have to say...I'm not generally a huge fan of crochet, but that star motif is really, really pretty. Good job!