Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wisteria Hysteria!

With my scarf swap coming up (matches go out today!), these last few days I decided to make a big push on Wisteria.  I do want to wear this sweater this winter!

Check out my adorable new PJs.  Blue hearts!

The whole time I was doing the bottom cable chart I was terrified that the body was going to be too long.  I skipped a total of 6 non-decrease stockinette rows to shorten it by an inch or so already, because I'm a short-waisted gal, but still, I admit to more than a little nervousness.  Some of the finished W's I'd seen looked more like dresses than sweaters!

Now that that fear is gone--the length is just about perfect--I have to deal with the other size issue...the width.  It's a bit big.  Not terribly so, but in the back (where my boobs aren't!) it's a bit more obvious that it's big, especially with the pronounced flare down the cabled bottom.  On the model in the pattern, it's not very close-fitting, so I originally figured on making the size up from my actual bust measurement, not down, because of course I'm directly in between two sizes....

I wonder now if I should have knit the smaller size.  Which, very ironically for me, is the smallest size--I never knit the smallest size of anything!  Generally with a 39" bust I end up at the high end of medium, at the very least.

I really like some of the W's I've seen that are very form-fitting--the circular yoke and hourglass waist make it very flattering on a more substantial bust, which is good for me!  If I hadn't been so incredibly excited to cast on when the yarn came, I might have revisited my size decision and gone smaller.

I know from my swatch that the sweater will grow a bit when I block it, too.  So do I start all over (shriek!) one size down, or do I finish it, let it grow, and have myself another Comfy Cabled Sweater of Doom?

With all the planned design projects my brain is spitting out, I'm leaning towards finishing it.  Especially since my next sweater for myself is going to be a February Fitted Pullover, which should ease my desire for a cute and flattering sweater!

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  1. Ooooo, I will be checking to see what you decide. I love this pattern, have this pattern but cannot figure out yet which yarn to use. This is a very pretty color and yarn you're using.