Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scarf Pneumonia? This Is Getting Silly!

Scarf Experiment #2 is done, and I pronounce it a success!

I used 18 different yarns, which I have listed over at Ravelry by name, but here, I will chronicle how they got into my leftovers bin in the first place, starting at the end and working in...

  1. This was a hat for my mother, and then some of the leftovers became a small purse which I sold to a friend.  
  2. Dishcloth cotton I got through a trade.
  3. My Rogue!
  4. My husband's Leo.
  5. Another dishcloth leftover.
  6. Acrylic recycled from one of my mother's old sweaters.
  7. Wool-alpaca I was gifted...I think I used most of it for a bag, though for the life of me I can't find it!
  8. Super-awesome ribbon I bought on a whim and never found a project for.  It went through various wips and frogs, and most of it is still tied up in something that awaits frogging.
  9. Wool from my first attempt at felting, ages ago.
  10. A tiny bit left from my Lizard Ridge.
  11. Wool from a failed cabled multi-color sweater which eventually became two hats and an unfinished bag that I will likely frog.
  12. Same as #11, different color.
  13. Leftover from an awesome mitered-square sweater of mine that I love, love, and adore...
  14. My MIL's Stonington Shawl.  (Ravelry link, be warned, couldn't find a good one elsewhere.)
  15. Same as #11, yet another color.
  16. A tank top of mine.
  17. My mother's impending birthday scarf!
  18. And finally, the one and only pair of socks I've ever knit for myself, and never wear.  I tried, I really did, but I just don't like socks!
And it gets worse...I just joined a scarf exchange on Rav!  Later this month I'll be paired up with someone, knit them a scarf according to their likes and dislikes, and receive one in return.  I almost wish I hadn't found out about it until closer to the close of signups so I didn't have to wait as long to get started!

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