Friday, January 22, 2010

I Did That?

What is old is still old, but sometimes, one must make it new.  Or at least re-post it.

This is not my first knitting blog.  It's not even my second.  And I did take several stabs at designing in the past.  Since nothing is ever truly lost on the internet, my old designs are still out there.  It's time to reclaim them!

I got my old designs hooked up to me on Ravelry, and for simplicity's sake I'm going to get them all in one place.

For now, I'm merely going to copy over the original patterns, I doubt there's much in the way of revising in the future.  But this will make it easier to provide pattern support, at the very least...the old pattern pages are linked to my ancient email account that I only keep active because it's the one on my Elann account, and I don't want to lose my credits!

1 comment:

  1. Good grief! I'm glad I saw this post; I was about to panic about what a prolific knitter you are! That tank looks fantastic.