Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scarf Fever...Or Maybe Flu?

Scarf Experiment #2 is turning out to be much more promising than the Freeform Scarf Experiment.

I should be finished fairly soon--it's excellent TV knitting, and I just discovered that the entire run of Stargate SG-1 is available on Hulu for a while.  Last time I had checked it they only had Seasons 1-6!  I never got to finish watching Season 10, so I don't know how it "ended"--serious airquotes here because I know that direct-to-DVD movies exist, though I haven't seen them--so I'm diving back in by rewatching Season 9 so I can remember all the crap that was going on.

But scarf fever has definitely afflicted me, since I picked up a ball of LB Homespun this morning--it's a little dangerous to have my LYS three steps from my bank--to make my mother a scarf for her birthday this month.

Now, I may have, in the short course of this blog, given the impression that I am a knitter.  And I am.  But I have dabbled at times in other crafts, and I will admit crochet's superiority to knitting in a few things, this one being a sideways-constructed ruffle scarf.

I have seen knitted ruffles, and they certainly look fine, but the thought of casting on at least a hundred stitches and increasing by the end to six or eight or ten times that, thanks, I'll crochet this one.

I wonder if the mail is here yet with my Wisteria yarn!  I think I'll go check.

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