Monday, January 4, 2010

Bloggers for Better Housekeeping

Is it sad that I only cleaned the mirrors because I had to take the finished photos of my mother's scarf?

I also find it absolutely impossible not to have a silly expression when I'm taking my own picture.  No matter how it looks in the mirror when I set up, the camera doesn't agree.  C'est la vie!

Pattern: Crochet Ruffle Scarf (free but requires registration)
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, black; Schachenmayr nomotta Princess, Orchid Mist
Yardage: 150ish Homespun and 100ish Princess
Hook: J/10

Notes:  I didn't check my gauge and tend to work loose, both in crochet and knitting, so I wasn't surprised to reach the end of the third row and come to the conclusion that I didn't have enough yarn for the fourth and longest row, despite the pattern being written to only use a single skein.  I decided to work another row in a different yarn to give the ruffle a bit more definition--black is great, but doesn't show a lot of depth or detail.  And another advantage to crochet--it's easier to rip back!  The first time I worked the last row in hdc, as I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to do an increase row of dc as the pattern stated, but it turned out I wasn't thinking small enough.  I ripped back the contrast row and worked sc instead, and didn't run out.

Would I make this pattern again?  Absolutely, but not with Homespun.  Crocheting with it is as fussy as knitting with it, perhaps more so; I was constantly catching unwanted bits of the yarn from previous stitches as I worked.  The pattern itself was perfectly fine.  I may want a ruffle scarf of my own at some point, I'll just work it with a smoother, less troublesome yarn.

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