Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brought To You By Snowflakes

First, before I dive into gushing about my newest design project, which I am absolutely in love with, an update on Wisteria:

Thank goodness for the reflective powers of undisturbed snow cover...this is the best sunlight I've had for a photo shoot in weeks!  Not only is this the truest representation of the color, the cables really pop.  I wish all my pictures turned out this well...

Ahem.  Anyway.

Designing!  Because I am a fool, a glutton for punishment, and because I still don't have beads for Bitterroot, I am designing my own shawl for my first of 10 Shawls in 2010.  Bitterroot will likely be on the plate for February.

I am still mired deep in Crochetland.  In building my library on Rav, I dredged up all sorts of random magazines I had forgotten I had, including one lone issue of Magic Crochet that I don't even clearly remember acquiring.  It has some terribly ugly things in it, but it also has several fabulous doilies and patchwork-medallion style projects.  After testing a few motifs for size and workability, I decided to modify one pretty heavily (I think round 1 is the same and 2 and 3 are entirely different) and head to town in my scrap pile.

It's going to be a wrap, and unless I unearth more natural fiber scraps in the blue-purple-black family, it will stay three motifs wide.  The smaller separate piece is the start of the other Scarf Experiment #2, I'm working in from the ends for better color distribution.  I have enough wool from a failed sweater to get quite a few motifs out of several shades of purple, but my blues are a bit more limited--I've already used up two of them entirely, one for one motif and the other for two--so I don't want all of them to be clustered at one end.

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