Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

I got my scarf swap partner!  I was so excited to start, I immediately rooted through my meager stash to find the right yarn.  Nothing was perfect, but there was a skein of KP Bare that I had dyed ages ago and not been entirely happy with.  Back to the dyepot for the first time in at least two years, and this time I was much happier with it.

So much so that while it was drying over the bathtub, I swatched for a new scarf design.  Sure, I have quite a few perfectly wonderful scarf patterns in my Ravelry queue.  Sure, I have more in my books.  Sure, with one large lace design project on the needle already, it would be foolish to try to design a new scarf too!

And yet.

Either with my waste yarn (solely for stitch pattern experimentation) or, now that it's dry, with the actual scarf yarn, I have cast on and frogged six proto-scarves in the last 48 hours.

Proto-scarf #7 was charted and cast on this morning.  Cross your fingers for me, this one looks good so far.

Should it remain viable, I plan to offer it for sale through Ravelry.  I need more yarn money!

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